01 May 2019

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Why music plays a big role when it comes to branding

See below an example of a Star Equity Production illustrating the mix of music and brands. We brought back the […]

09 March 2018

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Keynote Speaker Peak Performance Strategist

David Alan Kogut will be the Keynote speaker for the Greater New Jersey Estate Planning Council focusing on how to […]

24 February 2018

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David Alan Kogut on CBS Live it UP! with Donna Drake

David Alan Kogut speaks about Star Equity Group, as well as a legacy project for the iconic musician MEATLOAF. He […]

24 November 2017

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Carlos Slim – Robert DeNiro Tribute Gala

It was business as usual for those of us helping coordinate the Friars Foundation’s annual gala at New York’s epochal […]

20 June 2017

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We Are At The Dawn of a New Era of Innovation. Will You Still Be Able to Compete?

A shift from disrupting markets to tackling grand challenges I recently appeared as a guest on Wharton Professor David Robertson’s […]

19 June 2017

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Google is closer than ever to a quantum computing breakthrough

Google is maintaining its edge in the world of quantum computing. Its 20-qubit processor is currently undergoing tests, and the […]

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