What is The Star Equity Group?


Star Equity Group was created and is lead by consultant
David Alan Kogut.

Whether you are building an individual brand or own a fortune 500 company, the blueprint to success is first identifying your companies unique “STAR” quality in order to leverage your brands “EQUITY” and turn that into profitable growth and competitor crushing sustainability. Utilizing technological advances in the market place and monetizing potential opportunities are my hallmark in business.

Star Equity Group gives you the blueprint to achieve profitable success through visual communications, strategic planning and branding, utilizing the application of technology in an innovative plan designed specifically for your company. That plan is brought to life under the creative direction of its’ founder,
Futurist Innovator, David Alan Kogut.

David Alan Kogut started his career in the entertainment and advertising industry working with almost every well known A-Listers in business, politics and entertainment for over 25 years. He credits his success to building relationships in a myriad of industries. He holds a skilled background in graphic arts, event production, branding, photography, psychology, project management, technology, and self help. Taking a futuristic approach thinking 10 years ahead David provides a strategic approach to every challenge. Every brand / company has Star Equitable possibilities and the success of that is how that company communicates who they are.

Changing lives and taking businesses and individuals to the next level is and has always been my passion. I have applied my expertise in many forms and fashion, from consulting tech startups, creating more profitable options for businesses, developing and producing a television show around business and careers, keynote speaking at universities such as Columbia and SUNY/Buffalo, as well as volunteering and dedicating my time analyzing and creating new course development for SUNY universities as a member of the Deans Advisory Council of the College of Arts and Sciences. I feel my uniqueness is my innate ability to master multiple disciplines and apply those skills to create successful outcomes for my clientele.

Becoming an A-list Star in your industry whether you reside in entertainment, fashion, real estate, retail, cosmetic, healthcare, finance, transportation, consumer brand products, etc… is not by chance. It must be strategic, innovative and fast forward thinking.

To become a leader; you must work with one. Consider working with me
Star Equity Group, David Alan Kogut

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