Visual Communication – How to become an A-list Brand / Company


Visual Communications is more important then ever to the success of your brand/company”, states Star Equity’s Futurist David Alan Kogut.
In recent times technology offers companies opportunities of speed and efficiency; the technology is also creating volatile unprecedented change. This is the most amount of growth in the shortest amount of time the world has experienced throughout the history of mankind. All businesses must adjust to these changes in order to not only survive but thrive. David has created profitable visual / branding platforms for a myriad of famous individuals and industries for over 25 years. He finds a brand & companies key “STAR” element and builds their visual identity around that equitable factor. “STAR EQUITY” identifies the “IT” factor to the success of your brand and strategizes a compelling, easily recognizable and unforgettable message to reach your clientele.

Today, your entire brand / company is more in the reliance of technology than ever before.  You have to have a competitor crushing message that can capture your potential client in a matter of 4 seconds on a screen that is often not larger than 3 by 4.5 inches.
The palms of people’s hands holds the keys to your brands success.

The visual presentation we create in the communication of your brand is more than design; it is a reflection of your brands success. If you want to succeed in your business this a must!

Here are a few key tools we use to represent the Visual Communication.
Graphic Design
Signage (Digital / Printed)
CGI (Computer Generated Imagery)

People and brands possess infinite equity potential, but they don’t know how to parlay that value into fiscally favorable returns, marketing muscle or strategic media exposure – until now.”
David Alan Kogut, President & Founder of Star Equity

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