Carlos Slim



Wonderful opportunity to work with a gracious man that has built an amazing legacy of wealth and philanthropy. Carlos Slim may be the worlds richest man but his humbleness precedes him. The Friars Foundation ICON award for philanthropy could have not gone to anyone more deserving. Proud to be part of a fantastic 2 night production and proud of my Star Equity team.
Photos: © 2017 David Alan Kogut
Contributing TEAM MEMBER photographer Heather Rae Lang

“People and brands possess infinite equity potential, but they don’t know how to parlay that value into fiscally favorable returns, marketing muscle or strategic media exposure – until now.”
David Alan Kogut, President & Founder of Star Equity

Brioni Representative with Carlos Slim. Star Equity Brand Liaison. photo © 2017 David Alan Kogut

Artists Bill Mack with Portrait of Carlos Slim on a piece of the original Hollywood sign. Photo @ 2017 David Alan Kogut- Star Equity

Carlos Slim as he received the Philanthropy ICON Award. Photo @ 2017 David Alan Kogut


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