Technology – How do I leverage it?


Businesses over the years have brought out a steady stream of devices and services that improve so quickly that they become virtually obsolete in just a few short years. Clearly, these improvements have made our lives better however, they also bring with them constant CHANGE, CONFUSION, and COMPLEXITY. These days, the world of bits is beginning to invade the world of atoms. More powerful computers are being used for genetic engineering and to design new materials with 3D Printing. Robots, both physical and virtual, are replacing human labor for many jobs including high value work in medicine, and law. Traditional banks will disappear, retail establishments will morph into showcase stores at best, education will change to follow suit with the dawn of robotics taking away a large portion of the work force, and the affect of artificial intelligence being the next wave making how to position your business a monumental task at best.


As in the stock market with every downside there is an upside, it is how you utilize both that allows you to not just “survive” but thrive. Knowledge is only “potential” power, what you do with the knowledge is where the shift takes place. That’s where Futurist David Alan Kogut and Star Equity Group come in. His specialty as a futurist recognizes trends of technology and utilizes and adapts it for uses in companies that want to “anticipate” the next hurdle or market share NOT follow and chase the market. Innovation whether in a start up, new product, entrepreneurial venture, or large brand reestablishing its foothold is key to thriving in todays business arena. You HAVE to change ahead of the curve or you will not survive in business. Marketing, technology, and new product development is occurring at light speed nowadays, as business practices and competition is ever changing on a global scale. Your business is now competing globally not just locally. Technology is the key to your success. Become an A-List company with David Alan Kogut and Star Equity Group.

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David Alan Kogut designed and implemented a digital signage solution for a prominent co-op development in Brooklyn, New York

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